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I guess it's about time for an update. It's not my birthday anymore technically but what the hey

I had a really good, lazy, relaxing birthday. I opened some presents--Buddy got me Captain America: The Winter Solider on DVD, as well as the best shirt in existence. We watched Winter Soldier together, which I hadn't seen yet! It was really good. I told myself i wouldn't fall into the Steve/Bucky trap but here we are. Then I read some fanfics recommended by my friend, and buddy took me out to dinner. Then I did art and buddy made brownies! all in all a very good way to spend the day. =u=

In general news, I have a job now! I'm working at the same place I worked before I went to Japan, and since most of their stuff can be done online, I can work for them even when I don't live in the same part of the country. (also I can work in my PJs, and if that isn't the best job perk ever im not sure what is) I'm doing a slightly different job than I was before tho. Even though it's just part-time, it pays fairly well. Now I have income to buy the anime toys I want! *u* and also pay rent

In the writing department, I finished putting the written portion of PBWFES onto the writing blog; now all that remains is to do that ginormous video orz. But im gonna chip away at it little by little! I've also been writing miscellaneous Hoenn adventures in anticipation for ORAS, which are also going up on the blog. It's not going to be a serious project (probably) and I've been writing bits of it out of order for a while. But I really love these characters and I love exploring and developing them (and also doing worldbuilding for a time that's pre-the invention of the pokedex)

Idk what else there is to say, really. Just gonna keep living life one day at a time.

i wonder if i should make a new journal header

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Happy Bees Day~!
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Haapppyyyyy biiiiirthdaaaaay!
sorry this is later in the day, but I hope your special day was lovely!

have a cupcake! :iconsparklesplz::iconcupcakeplz::iconsparklesplz:
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NightComet Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey girl hey, have a happy birthday! Free Avatar - CupTardCake 
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday, Magu!
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