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I let a whole lot of time slip by haha. I havent updated this since I got back from Japan, even.

Japan was really fun!! I went to a bunch of places I'd already been, plus a few new places. For a two week trip we sure did a lot!! and spent a lot lmao. I put a few pics/stories up on tumblr if you're interested! It's mostly loot pics and stuff tho. My figure blog has a more diary-like account of where we went (though I still have one or two more posts I havent put up... orz).

It's been hard coming back from a big vacation, but there's already another vacation this week haha.

I *would* be playing Pokemon Super Mystery dungeon like everyone else, but... after splurging on nendoroid N, I decided to wait until Hanukkah to get the new game. (One of these things was way more likely to sell out!) Plus it's my turn to pay rent this month I think... orz. Anyway, Hanukkah starts December 6, so it's not that far away. I can wait it out! while designing ocs of the starter and partner i want lmao

instead of spmd I started playing Metal Gear Rising, which I'd actually bought way back in September but only just now got around to starting. Neither of my roommates think very highly of that game so I was super self conscious about playing it; our consoles/tv are all in the common room so i didn't think I'd be able to play it without a bunch of rude comments in the background orz. Thankfully both of them leave me alone while I play! MGR is about as goofy as I'd been told it would be, and I'm having a lot of fun with it--but the section I played today hit me pretty hard with the Feels Hammer, so. (I came here to play a dumb action game, why am i having emotions about this??) I'll probably write a full review on tumblr or something once I finish. I don't usually do reviews for games but for once I actually have a lot of thoughts on this one?

It's, uh, not exactly a game I'd recommend to everyone though, especially those who aren't super down with gratuitous blood in videogames haha... even if it's robot blood it can get a little, uh. yeah

Speaking of gory videogames, buddy and I watched the giantbomb playthrough of Until Dawn, which I'm angry that I liked as much as i did. Talk about a really interesting videogame! I don't do well with horror at all, so I was surprised at how much the game managed to engage me. Though I kinda wanna watch a playthrough where everyone lives haha; the GB guys only managed to save Sam, Chris, and Em.

anyway, I think that's all I have to say... I'm going home on wednesday for thanksgiving. Looking forward to being home again... I've actually been a little homesick for colorado lately ;-; though im sure a round of family pictures with my mom's extended family will kill the homesickness preeeetty quickly

I hope N arrives before I fly home >u>

Aaand that's the way the news goes

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