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Good luck reaching the last page losers (also i gave up on sorting them ages ago....)


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Call me Magu, please

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not like anyone but me reads these

Life progresses.... pretty much at the same pace as before. Work has been slow lately, which is good, because it means I have a lot of time to myself lmao. I've been making good progress on The Djinni, too.

I'm super excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon!!!! It looks like the kind of Pokemon game I've been wanting since Colosseum (minus it being another colosseum game lmao). I can't wait to see what the starters evolve into and what the trainer customization is like! And I'm especially excited because.... I'm going to Hawaii in July!!! I can't wait to take a ton of pics to use as backgrounds lmao

I've been following new updates in my boyband anime game almost religiously, and the Part 2 finale really got me in the emotions. I plan to have some polished fanart for that up here soon, haha!

I've been drawing at a pretty steady pace, tho last week I wasn't feeling it as much -^- I feel like I've been in a bit of a creative lull lately... I'd like to finish some writing/art and have more to show for myself haha. I also feel like maybe I could start posting here more? Since I'm making a large quantity of art but not all of it is the "quality" that I've been reserving for dA, which has in turn meant that i never post here anymore lmao.

If you're interested, my Sketch Sale is still ongoing!

I think that's about it. stay cool, froods

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greetings from one creative mind to another
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EveHilson Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016  Student General Artist
Whispers can I just say I've never known anyone else to do Spywareshipping art and gosh I love. Like you're the first person I found who does Zero and Dawn. ;; Everything's usually Antipodean or Numbershipping.

In any case, I love your art and hope you have a good day!
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Happy Bees Day~!

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Happy Birthday!!!
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